Dr. Benjamin Harow’s Advice Amidst Covid-19

Although it may seem like everyone is in chaos given the Covid-19 pandemic, we all must remain calm during it. The best way that I can recommend to stay safe is only based on the knowledge I gain from my time at West Boca Medical Center, in Florida. I am part of the General Emergency Medicine Unit and assist in any way I can the people who need help. Obviously, as a doctor, I have had to be extra cautious during my time at the unit, especially if we had Covid-19 patients. When I first found my love for medicine, about twenty years ago, I could not have fathomed a pandemic occurring. In medical school, we are taught how to handle these situations, but at the time, they were merely theoretical. Luckily, I know that the doctors around the world are diligently working on providing a vaccine or cure to coronavirus. In the meantime, I would love to recommend any advice I can for my readers so that they can ensure the safety of themselves, and the people around them.

Of course, the first topic at hand is social distancing. I will continue to recommend social dancing even after the pandemic concludes. This is the only certainty that medical professionals can attest to that will not permit the spread of the virus. If one is wearing a mask, and maintaining a safe distance between others, the virus can’t reach you. That being said, the most efficient way to social distance is by isolating. I would highly recommend this to any elderly individuals who struggle with lung problems, heart issues and have diabetes. By isolating oneself, it is improbable that the virus will spread to a person’s home. Of course, when getting groceries delivered, remember to disinfect any surfaces and even leave them outside for a few hours after delivery.

The next step is to be constantly disinfecting oneself. Back in April, hand sanitizer was impossible to find and there was a lack of it in all stores. However, they were mass-produced and now it’s clear that people can find it at most metropolitan locations, or even online. That being said, stock up on these disinfectants once they are available. The more people that do so now, the less of a monopoly it will be in the future.

Lastly, I would recommend getting tested more regularly regarding sugar levels, blood pressure, and anything else a person may struggle with. Being able to treat these illnesses or diseases will lower the chance of either contracting the virus or being more susceptible to it. Those with preliminary issues find it much harder to combat the virus as it weakens the body to an extreme level. For more information about treatments and emergencies, please visit your local doctor.

Thank you,

Benjamin Harow



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Benjamin Harow

Dr. Benjamin Harow is an emergency medicine physician in North Palm Beach, Florida and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area.